I'm a Business Development Consultant and a Managing Partner based in Los Angeles.
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Arnold Ceballos

Managing Partner for 10+ Years

Multiple Helpful Business Ventures

Acquisitions - Business Development - Tech

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Recent Testimonials
"I approached Arnold about acquiring my industrial business, at first I didn't know what to expect, fast forward one year, Arnold and his associates provided me a smooth exit and I'm more than satisfied with my exit."  
Long-Term Associate
Robert Bloomberg
"I needed help attracting new prospects, so I went online and found Arnold, he laid out a clear creative business development plan that made total sense. It's only been a few months and already business is up 77%."  
Brand New Associate
Steven Essitore

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Website Design & Development 

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Online Marketing Funnel Development 

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Business Development Training 

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You may see me online but my preference is to make meaningful offline business connections with true business professionals, over the last 10+ years my close knit group has worked in collaboration on multiple successful business ventures. If you're a true professional and an expert at what you do, provide your information below, I'll call you within two days to discuss a business fit with our business group.

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